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Round Me Falls The Night / Adagio Sostenuto

Vincent Persichetti, Op. 69


Round Me Falls the Night / Adagio Sostenuto Written in 1955, this work is the slow second movement of Symphony for Band, Op. 69 by Vincent Persichetti. It is based on "Round Me Falls the Night" from the composer's Hymns and Responses for the Church Year.

Round me falls the night; Savior, be my Light: Through the hours in darkness shrouded Let me see Thy face unclouded; Let Thy glory shine in this heart of mine.

Earthly work is done, earthly sounds are none; Rest in sleep and silence seeking, Let my hear Thee softly speaking; In my spirit’s ear whisper “I am near.”

Darkened now each ray o’er the traveler’s way; Let me know that Thou hast found me, Let me feel Thine arms around me, Sure from every ill Thou wilt guard me still.

Philadelphia-born Vincent Persichetti (1915-1987) was a virtuoso keyboard per- former, scholar, author, and energetic teacher. Even as a youth he worked as an accompanist, radio staff pianist, orchestra member, church organist and compos- er. He studied at Combs College of Music, Curtis Institute and Philadelphia Conservatory. He became a faculty member at Juilliard and Editorial Director at a music publisher. He composed for nearly every musical medium, and particu- larly for wind band, with over 120 works published. The influence of his musical mind is widely felt, thanks to his expert teaching and his book on harmonic practices in contemporary music.

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