Palatine Concert Band History

2013 Director Dr. Frederick (Rick) Lowe, Director of Ensembles, Loyola University Chicago.
2011 On May 28, 2011, the band performs at the Northbrook Ceremony of Flags. Students from the Northbrook Jr. High Wind Ensemble join the band for two selections.
2000 Director Ronald H. Polancich, Director of Bands and Music Department Chair, York Community High School.
1997 Director John Thomson, Director of Bands, New Trier High School.
1992 Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins performed a one-note solo on the bass drum.
1991 Director Dr. Donald DeRoche, Chairman of Performance Studies and Director of Bands, DePaul University. 90 members.
1986 Director Dale Johansen, retired director of the United States Army Band, Washington D.C.
1982 The band performed at the Illinois Music Educators Convention in Springfield, IL. The band is receiving funding from Harper College and became part of the curriculum of the school.
1980 Arthur Katterjohn died of cancer at age 50. New Director Barbara Buehlman, Director Round Lake High School Symphonic Band. 80 members.
1978 75 members.
1976 Now known as the Palatine Concert Band. The public was invited to attend band rehearsals. The band purchased an old school bus and played out the windows to ride in parades.
1974 The Palatine Village Board approved $1,000 for the band in return for a commitment to stay in Palatine. The band has 55 members.
1973 The band needs funds to avoid folding. Programs to raise funds included: a "Friends of the Band" fund arranged at the Palatine National Band; sale of a recording "In Concert: The Palatine Village Band." The band's annual expense is $3,000.00, the treasury is down to $700. The Villages of Schaumburg and Arlington Heights both expressed interest in moving the band to their communities.
1972 The band started charging admission of $1.00.
1971 The Palatine Village board withdrew the Village's annual $2,000 financial support of the band due to budget problems. The Park District continued its $1,000 annual support.
1970 Director Arthur D. Katterjohn, Director of Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band.
1969 Guest Director John R. Shoemaker. 60 members. Presented a joint concert with the Palatine High School Band.
1969 Director John M. Christie, former winds instructor at the University of Missouri, Editor of "The Instrumentalist."
1968 Director B. G. Cook, Retired Director of the Fifth Army Band. The band was incorporated as a Not-For-Profit for educational purposes. The band performed in a new $15,000 band shell, a portable unit with it's own power generator, lights and audio equipment, purchased by the Park District. Harry Benstein, Palatine Insurance Broker, chaired a commission working to raise funds to reimburse the Palatine Park District.
1967 The Palatine Village Band was the subject of the lead article in the January 1967 issue of "The Instrumentalist"
1966 50-member all-adult band. An 18-piece jazz big band unit was formed with band members who had experience playing with big bands.
1964 Pledges of funds were received from the Village of Palatine ($2,000) and Palatine Park District ($1,000) to finance a year round program. The band performed at Cutting Hall for the first time, no admission charge.
1963 Director Fred Elliot, Director of Bands at Forest View High School, Arlington Heights. Now known as the Palatine-Northwest Community Band, presenting concerts at Palatine Community Park at the intersection of Chicago Avenue (now Palatine Road) and Northwest Highway every Friday evening throughout the summer. A "Hungry Five" novelty group performed old-time German polkas and waltzes during these concerts. The Village of Palatine and the Palatine Park District sponsored the concerts.
1960 Director Edward Volz, music instructor at Prospect High School. 36 members. Name changed to Palatine Village Band. Band members converted the chassis of a 1925 water truck into a mobile bandstand. Band members were given red suspenders to compliment the band's uniform of white shirt, dark trousers, black string tie, and black and white leather caps with nibs like firemen's hats by the Village of Rolling Meadows in appreciation for playing for the Village's 50th anniversary celebration.
1958 Women were welcomed as members of the band for the first time.
1955 18 local musicians played in the Palatine Centennial Parade as the Palatine Military Band, on a wagon pulled by truck. The Village Manager of Palatine, Robert Eppley, lead the effort to revitalize the band.
1935 The band was dissolved.
1920 25 members. Played at Cook County Fair Grounds.
1906 Director Walter N. Spears, music teacher and violinist from Barrington. Presenting concerts at the intersection of Brockway and Slade Street every Friday evening throughout the summer.
1900 Director Maurice Reickert. 21 members. The band traveled to any venue that could be reached by the P.L.Z. & W. Railroad.
1890 The youngest member of the band, a cornet player, Adolph Kuntze, still wore knee pants. One snare dummer kept playing though his music showed a 15-measure rest. When the leader questioned why he continued to play the drummer replied, "I'm not tired."
1875 Director H. Schnierding. 15 members. Known as the Palatine Military Band, it was billed as "The Melody Toast Of The Northwest Suburbs." Anyone who wanted just brought their instrument and played. The band practiced in Knickrene's cabinet shop.

Soloists that have appeared with the band include:

Dale Clevenger, horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( May 16, 1971 )
Larry Combs, clarinet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( March 17, 1991 )
Floyd Cooley, tuba, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra ( May 16, 1993 )
Patricia Dash, marimba, Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( November 22, 1987 )
Bruce Daugherty, trumpet, Millar Brass Ensemble ( November 14, 1999 )
Julie Reid DeRoche, clarinet, DePaul University ( March 17, 1991 ; March 13, 1994 )
Ronald J. Grundberg, euphonium, former member Fifth Army Band ( April 27, 1969 )
John Hagstrom, trumpet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( November 14, 2004 ; November 9, 2009 )
Scott Hostetler, oboe, Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( November 9, 2009 )
Warren Kime, trumpet ( November 12, 1989 )
Charles Koehn, bass vocalist, Lyric Opera of Chicago ( November 16, 1969 )
Bill Kurtis, narrator, news broadcaster ( May 5, 1991 )
Ron Modell, trumpet, Northern Illinois University ( May 3, 1987 )
Gene Pokorny, tuba, Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( November 11, 2012 )
David Reiser, tenor vocalist, Choir Director Palatine High School ( November 14, 1982 )
Robert Rushford, trumpet, Chicago Lyric Opera ( May 21, 1972 )
Robert Rusk, tuba, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra ( May 5, 1974 )
Dr. Frank J. Scimonelli, post horn soloist, United States Navy Band ( November 11, 1984 )
James Smelser, horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( November 18, 2001 )
Mark Stingley, tenor vocalist ( November 14, 2010 )
Charles Vernon, trombone, Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( March 12, 1995 )
James Wisniewski, clarinet, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra ( February 4, 1973 ; May 18, 1975 ; February 15, 1976 ; May 15, 1977 ; November 18, 1979 )

At different points in its history, the Palatine Concert Band has held auditions to select a high school soloist to perform alongside the band.

Sarah Finegan, flute, William Fremd High School ( May 11, 2008 )
Brian Jacoby, trombone ( May 9, 1976 )
Mark Lathan, trumpet, Wheeling High School ( May 20, 1979 )
Mark Maegdlin, marimba, Buffalo Grove High School ( May 31, 1981 )
Anthony McGill, clarinet, Whitney Young Academy (Chicago) ( March 14, 1993 )
Dan Quinn, trombone,  William Fremd High School ( May 9, 2010 )
Carla Rossi, flute, William Fremd High School ( June 1, 1980 )
Lisa Saunderson, piano, Palatine High School ( January, 1978 )
Sylvia Vallejo, flute ( May 15, 1977 )
Serena Voltz, tuba, John Hersey High School ( May 5, 2013 )

Guest conductors:

Gregory Clemons, Director of Bands, Harper College ( November 19, 2000 )
James Curnow, composer ( March 10, 1985 )
Dr. Richard R. Fischer, Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Concordia University ( May 18, 2003 )
Dr. David Fodor, former Director of Bands, Evanston High School ( July 31, 2013 )
Col. Arnald Gabriel, Conductor Emeritus, United States Air Force Band ( November 12, 2006 ; November 13, 2011 )
Bill Gilmer, former Director of Bands, Willowbrook High School ( May 5, 2013 )
Dr. Ernest (Chip) Gross, Judson University ( July 3, 2013 ; July 4, 2013 )
Dr. John Kuzmich Jr., high school band director ( May 4, 1986 )
David J. Lenckos, Composer and Arranger (Star Trek, the Motion Picture) ( May 17, 1992 )
Dr. Frederick (Rick) Lowe, Director of Ensembles, Loyola University Chicago ( July 10, 2013 )
Vaclav Nelhybel, composer ( March 15, 1970 )
John P. Paynter, Director of Bands, Northwestern University ( May 15, 1983 ; February 26, 1984 )
Ronald H. Polancich, Director of Bands and Music Department Chair, York Community High School ( July 4, 1998 )
John Shoemaker, Director of Bands, Palatine High School ( April 27, 1969 )
Sandra Thompson, band director ( March 20, 1983 )
Thomas Trimborn, Director of Bands, Palatine High School ( May 16, 1971 )
James Wisniewski, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra ( February 17, 1980 ; June 1, 1980 )

The band has performed with local choirs:

Crystal Lake Community Choir ( December 15, 1989 )
Village Church of Barrington ( December 18, 1987 )