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Scenes from "The Louvre"

Norman Dello Joio

Scenes from "The Louvre" is taken from the original score of the NBC television special that was broadcast in November 1965. The composer received an Emmy for this score as the most outstanding music written for television in the 1964-1965 season. The five movements of this suite cover the period of the famous Paris museum's development during the Renaissance and are based on themes by composers of that period. The movements are titled The Portals; Children's Gallery; The Kings of France; The Nativity Paintings and Finale .

Norman Dello Joio (1913-2008) began his musical career at the age of 14 as a church organist and choir director in New York. With a father who was an organist, singer and vocal coach, he grew up surrounded with musicians and music in the home. He studied at Juilliard and taught at Sarah Lawrence, Mannes College of Music, and Boston University. He wrote many works for chorus, orchestra, band, solo voice, chamber, concertos, operas, ballets and television.

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