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Cait Nishimura

The composer writes: “My fascination with the natural world began in childhood, and it wasn’t long before I learned about the harmful impacts of human activity on the environment. Old growth forests and essential ecosystems like wetlands were being replaced by housing developments and highways. As a child, I felt helpless about it all; now, as an adult, I know that there is so much we can all do to be part of the solution. Sometimes, we just need to feel empowered first, and I believe art is one of the most effective ways to inspire others.”

“This piece was commissioned by the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in celebration of their 75th anniversary. Wilderness celebrates and honours Earth’s remaining wild spaces and the people who fight to protect them. Through this music, I explore the range of emotions I experience as an environmentalist, and I express my gratitude for all that nature has given me. This piece is a call-to-action for all of us to do our part in spreading awareness about climate change, to reflect on our relationship with nature, and to deepen our respect for the stewards of this land.”

Cait Nishimura (b.1991) is a Japanese Canadian composer based in Waterloo, Ontario. Known for writing nature-inspired, programmatic music, Cait has established herself as a prominent voice in the concert band community. Since winning the Canadian Band Association’s composition prize in 2017, Cait’s music has been presented at MusicFest Canada, the Midwest Clinic, and numerous international conferences and festivals.

Cait is passionate about empowering others through art and strives to set a positive example for future generations of musicians through her creative work and her dedication to mental health awareness and environmentalism. She holds degrees in music and education from the University of Toronto.

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