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March 21, 1999

John Thomson, conductor 
Cutting Hall Performing Arts Center, Palatine, IL


Esprit de Corps — Robert Jager

Colors for Winds and Percussion — George McNabney

Lincolnshire Posy — Percy Aldridge Grainger

  1. Lisbon (Sailor's Song)
  2. Horkstow Grange (The Miser and his Man: A Local Tragedy)
  3. Rufford Park Poacher (Poaching Song)
  4. The Brisk Young Sailor (who returned to wed his True Love)
  5. Lord Melbourne (War Song)
  6. The Lost Lady Found (Dance Song)

Chorale and Alleluia — Howard Hanson

Overture to the Impressario — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Woodwind Quintet: Carin Zachar, flute; Robin Rundell, oboe; Micheala Tuminello, clarinet; Tanya Mai, bassoon; Kirby Drayer, horn

Sinfonia Nobilissima — Robert Jager
conducted by Stan Louiseau

 Lyric Dance — Frank Bencriscutto

Broadway Spectacular — arr. John Higgins

Crossed Sabres — Charles L. Booker Jr.

The Thunderer — John Philip Sousa 

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