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Esprit de Corps

Robert Jager

Esprit de Corps is a kind of fantasy-march, as well as a tribute to the United States Marine Band and the Marine Corps in general. Full of energy and drama, the composition has its solemn moments and its lighter moments (for example, the quasi-waltz in the middle of the piece). It displays the fervor and virtuosity of the Marine Band and the musical spirit and integrity of their past conductor, Col. John R. Bourgeois.

Robert Jager (b. 1939) was born in Binghamton, New York and educated at the University of Michigan. For four years he served as the staff arranger at the Armed Forces School of Music while a member of the US Navy. He has received commissions from some of the finest musical organizations in the world, including all five of the Washington-based military bands and all four of the military academies. Jager is a Professor Emeritus of Music at Tennessee Technological University. He has over 140 published compositions for band, orchestra, chorus, and various chamber combinations. He lives in Tennessee.

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