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At Her Ladyship's Request

Carter Pann

At Her Ladyship’s Request was an idea born out of admiration for the works of Percy Grainger. Four countrymen have come forward at Her Ladyship’s request, as commoners have been led to believe she has grown complacent in her aged betrothal to His Lordship. The men are:

  1. Tom Abel: young, svelte, swaggering, confident, cocksure, only son of a wealthy old father.
  2. Father Daniel Bennett: High Priest from the Abbey at Lockwood Cross.
  3. Old Man Dimplesweet: unlikely choice for a desperate lady?
  4. Pettybone: egotistical duke.

Carter Pann was born in 1972 in La Grange, IL. He studied at the Eastman School of Music and at the University of Michigan where he earned a doctorate. He teaches and conducts at the University of Colorado - Boulder .

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