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Brazil: Ceremony, Song and Samba

Robert W. Smith

Brazil: Ceremony, Song and Samba illustrates the impact of the African experience on music of this part fo the world. From northern Brazil, Ceremony is based upon a traditional "maracatu" rhythm whose origin can be traced to the investiture ceremonies of the Reis do Congo (Kings of Congo), slaves in leadership roles within the slave community. Song conveys the smooth sounds of the bossa nova that is synonymous with Rio de Janeiro. The piece concludes with the exciting sounds of Carnaval and the Samba Schools (percussion ensembles) that fill the streets during the annual celebration.

Robert W. Smith (b. 1958) is a prolific contemporary composer of concert and orchestral literature, with 600 publications in print. He serves as Vice-President of Product Development for C.L. Barnhouse and Walking Frog Records and teaches at Troy University in Troy, Alabama.

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