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Elegy for a Young American

Ronald LoPresti

Elegy for a Young American was written in 1964 and is dedicated to the memory of President John F. Kennedy. The many stages of mourning can be felt as the work unfolds. A quiet adagio sets a tone of respect and solemnity in the beginning. Feelings of shock and denial are reflected by the dynamics and octave jumps in the melody. Anger and remorse express themselves, but they are replaced with a resolution of the loss and an allegro celebration of the contributions of this great American. The maestoso closing reminds us again of our loss.

Ronald Lo Presti (1933 – 1985) was a composer, music educator and clarinetist. Born in Williamstown, Massachusetts, he earned his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. He was subsequently engaged as a clarinet teacher in public schools. In 1964 he was appointed an instructor in music theory at Arizona State University in Tempe. A Ford Foundation composer-in-residence, he also taught at Texas Technical University and Indiana State College.

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