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Galop , from the operetta Moscow, Cheremushky

Dmitri Shostakovich, arranged by Donald Hunsberger

This rousing gallop was part of a musical comedy and film Moscow, Cheremushky. The story takes place in late 1950s Moscow, where a smart new block of apartments has been built and everyone is desperate to live there. Newlyweds Sasha (a crane operator) and Masha (an explosives expert) along with their friends Boris (a chauffeur) and Sergei (a cook) all dream of having a place of their own. While keys are withheld from their rightful owners, Sasha lifts Boris and Sergei up to their new home in her crane. During a later scene as Sasha and Masha host a house-warming party, a local government official (who illegally plans to knock two apartments into one for his ambitious new wife) comes bursting through the neighboring wall. It is during this scene that Galop is scored. The score accompanies a reckless chase full of physical comedy. At the end of this unusual story, the residents find a way of exposing all the corruption, and the wrong-doers are defeated, leaving everyone else to live happily ever after.

- Credit: Steven Smyth for the Iowa State University Symphonic Band concert program, 22 February 2017

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