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Jacob Gade, arranged by John Krance

Jalousie is a tango written by Danish composer Jacob Gade in 1925. Its full title is Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane' (Jealousy 'Gypsy Tango') and it soon became popular around the world and is today a classic in the modern songbook.

The work consists of two themes – the first a temperamental theme in D minor, followed by a lyrical section in D major, both with a typical tango rhythm. The composer claimed that the mood of the piece had been inspired by his reading a sensational news report of a crime of passion, and 'jealousy' became fixed in his mind.

Gade was principal conductor of the 24-piece orchestra of the Palads Cinema in Copenhagen at the time he composed the piece. He wrote it at Tibirke Mølle, north Zealand, where he had a holiday home, as part of the musical accompaniment for the Danish premiere of the silent film Don Q, Son of Zorro . It was performed under Gade's baton on the opening night, 14 September 1925.

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