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Valerie Coleman

Roma A nation without a country is the best way to describe the nomadic tribes known as gypsies, or properly called, the Romani. Their traditions, their language (Roma), legends, and music stretch all over the globe, from the Middle East, the Mediterranean region, and the Iberian peninsula, across the ocean to the Americas. Roma is a tribute to that culture, in five descriptive themes, as told through the eyes and hearts of Romani women everywhere: “Romani Woman,” “Mystic,” “Youth,” “Trickster,” and “History.” The melodies and rhythms are a fusion of styles and cultures: Malagueña of Spain, Argentine Tango, Arabic music, Turkish folk songs, 3/2 Latin claves, and Jazz.

Valerie Coleman (b.1970) is a contemporary composer and flutist . Raised by her widowed mother in Louisville, KY , she is a graduate of Boston University and Mannes College of Music . She is known for her many contributions to wind chamber music and for her Imani Winds Quintet which features African American woodwind players . Her compositions frequently incorporate diverse styles such as jazz with classical music and often incorporate political or social themes. Sh e was Director of the Chamber Music program at Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, and is on the faculty at Mannes College of Music.

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