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The Red Pony

Aaron Copland

The Red Pony is a suite for band that derives from Aaron Copland's score to the 1948 Western. The movie was based on John Steinbeck's short stories about a boy and his horse on a California ranch. The first two movements -- "Dream March" and "Circus Music" -- depict the boy imagining his pony leading knights into battle, and then performing under the bigtop. "Walk to the Bunkhouse" portrays the cowhand the boy idolized. "Grandfather's Story" accompanies tales of pioneer days. The band suite closes with the movie's opening music, originally titled "Morning on the Ranch," reworked into "Happy Ending."

Aaron Copland (1900–1990) was a prominent composer, teacher, writer and conductor throughout the twentieth century. Copland was instrumental in forg- ing a distinctly American style of composition in a broad range of works for concert hall, theater, ballet, and films.

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