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Seis Manuel

Shelley Hanson

Seis Manuel is the third of four movements from the suite Islas y Montañas by Shelley Hanson. The seis is the traditional song and dance form of the Jibaro people, peasant farmers of the mountains of Puerto Rico. “Seis” originally meant a dance for six men or couples. This one is based on a traditional recurring harmonic pattern called the seis mapéyé , over which a singer improvises a melody. Brass and clarinet solos reflect a long history of military bands in Puerto Rico. The name honors Manny Laureano, principal trumpet of the Minnesota Orchestra, who commissioned and premiered the piece.

Shelley Hanson (b. 1951) is a composer, conductor, record producer, and clar- inetist. She received a Ph.D in Performance, Music Theory and Music Literature from Michigan State University. She has conducted university orchestras and wind ensembles and served on the faculty of Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. Principal clarinetist of the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra, she has recorded orchestral and chamber music. Her band, Klezmer and All That Jazz, have performed widely.

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