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The Solitary Dancer

Warren Benson

The Solitary Dancer Unique in its fast-quiet motion, this piece displays quiet intensity representing stored energy, imagined dance moves, and a dancer’s emotional/thoughtful interaction with her “inner music”. This is not a dance, but the dancer’s “thought process”, making the entire composition reflective and anticipatory.

Warren Benson (1924-2005) was a distinguished American composer, conductor, educator, performer and author. He was a timpanist in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Composer of over 150 works, he is known for his dynamic music for wind ensemble and percussion, and for his moving song cycles. He taught in Greece and at Ithaca College, Eastman School of Music, Southern Methodist University and the University of Michigan. He was largely self- taught in composition, finding great inspiration in jazz and poetry. He was highly influenced by nature, language, literature and travel.

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