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Three London Miniatures

Mark Camphouse

Three London Miniatures was commissioned for the Woodward Academy Bands in College Park, GA and premiered in Atlanta in 1998.

Westminster Hymn” centers around a sturdy original hymn tune with a decidedly Anglican flavor. Intermittent brass fanfares represent the regal and ceremonial traditions of Westminster Abbey.

“For England's Rose” is an expressive, lyrical tribute to the late Princess Diana (1961-1997).

“Kensington March” is a spirited, petite march in English style.

Mark Camphouse (b. 1954) is a conductor and composer who has written primarily for symphonic winds, but also for orchestra, choir and chamber brass. He began composing at a young age, with the Colorado Philharmonic premiering his "First Symphony" at age 17. A product of the rich cultural life of Chicago, Camphouse earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in music from Northwestern University where he studied with John Paynter, Alan Stout, and Vincent Cichowicz. A scholarship from the prestigious Civic Orchestra (training orchestra for the Chicago Symphony) enabled him to study trumpet privately for two years with legendary CSO Principal Trumpet Emeritus, Adolph Herseth. Mr. Camphouse is the editor of the “Composers on Composing” series of books, and is currently director of the Wind Symphony at George Mason University.

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