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York’scher Marsch

Ludwig van Beethoven / arr. Philip Sparke

York’scher Marsch was composed (initially without the trio) in 1809 dedicated first to Archduke Anton and later Für die Böhmische Landwehr (for the Bohemian Militia.) In 1810 Beethoven rescored it for Archduke Rudolph as part of the celebrations of his daughter’s christening. It was published (still without its trio) in 1818 as part of a collection of marches for the Prussian Army and called Marsch des Yorkschen Corps, which is how its current title arose. Beethoven added the trio in 1822. Since the Prussian army played a paramount role in the German states, the march is often played and is one of the most important German military marches. It is the traditional march of the Wachbataillon, the German Bundeswehr's elite drill unit.

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